Tuesday Tutorial: Give Thanks Gratitude Board

I think I have adult ADD. If I can’t get it done in an hour, it frustrates me and I usually give up.

This was worth the extra time though….and although it took about 2.5 hours for me, it was all very EASY to do.

I am so excited about this project and how it turned out!

We need to be a little more thankful in my household.

For the everyday things we are so blessed to have!

To help us out, I made the “Give Thanks” board.

30 days of Gratitude for the Thanksgiving month of November!

AND, it can be used year after year! Read how below!


  • Wood Board (although you can use just about any flat surface you want!!)
  • Brown Paint (or whatever color you want your wood to be painted)
  • Mod Podge
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Variety of coordinating scrapbook paper
  • Different colored thin ribbons (I used brown, green, yellow and orange)
  • Light-colored Cardstock for writing your “thankful message” on.
  • 30 Coin Envelopes. Mine were 3 3/8″ x 6″.
  • Hole punch
  • YES, I know you see rubber cement in the picture above, but ignore it! I thought it would work….silly me!


1.  Get a wood board. Mine is a piece of plywood measuring 24″ x 28″.  Prime it and paint it whatever fall-ish color you would like. I painted mine dark brown.

2.  While waiting for the wood to dry, take your 30 coin envelopes and cut them down to     3 3/4 ” tall. Make sure you cut off the top part that is already open so you still have the pocket to insert your cars in later!

3.  Use a glue stick to adhere the scrapbook paper to the front of the envelope. I used a variety of coordinating papers.

4. Lay out your cards on your board. I was able to do 5 rows of 6 cards each. I wanted to arrange them first so I could make sure no two matching  papers were right next to each other.

5.  I then used my Silhouette to cut out the numbers 1-30, but you could use stickers, stencils, create a Word Document or go online to find some printable numbers to cut out! I also cut out my “Give Thanks” title. Again…you could use Wordart on Word to create this!

6. Use Mod Podge to glue on the numbers to the cards and then Mod Podge over the entire front of the card to cover your scrapbook paper. It makes the card sturdier and helps it to last for years to come! Be careful not to glue your envelope shut!!!!

7.  After your Mod Podge is dry, hole punch two small holes (I have a rectangular hole punch) in the top of your envelope. Just hole punch the scrapbook paper side. Take your ribbon and put it through both holes and tie a knot (see pic if you need help!)


8.  Use your glue gun to adhere your envelopes to your board. This is where I tried a few different glues…..learn from my mistakes….the glue gun worked the best by far!!! I also recommend that you place the hot glue a little bit away from the edges of the envelope. This allows your cards to go in and out more easily in a later step.

9. Use Mod Podge to adhere your “Give Thanks” (or the phrase of your choosing) to the top of your board. Then, Mod Podge over the whole phrase.

10. Cut out light-colored cardstock to slide into your envelopes. Mine ended up being two light shades that I cut to 3″ by 4 1/2″. Place them inside your envelopes.

***Each night in November at dinner time, I am going to pull the cardstock out on the appropriate day and have each person write or say what they are thankful for that day (my younger two can’t write yet!). When next year rolls around, I’m going to use the same cardstock and have them write on the back. For the following years, I’m just going to add some more cardstock in the envelopes.

I think it will be so much fun to see what we wrote the previous years. Especially because I have 3 little ones who come up with some pretty creative stuff to be thankful for.


Visit thecsiproject.com

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152 Responses to Tuesday Tutorial: Give Thanks Gratitude Board

  1. Dana says:

    I love this project! It is so creative, but more than that it is very touching. Yes, indeed we all have so much to be thankful for- which we forget far too often in our day to day drama. I am thankful for Jellybean Junkyard and for the smile it puts on my face.
    Thank you Karly.

  2. Jaime says:

    LOVE it!!!

  3. DEBBIE says:

    We all need to be reminded of our blessings! Great Job. Did you use the Silouette machine?

  4. Kelly says:

    This is amazing! What a great reminder each day to be thankful. And I love that you’ll go over the memories each year you use it. So cute!

  5. I’m not sure I can enough about how cute this idea is!! I love it!! And it is absolutely adorable.

  6. lanni says:

    I love this! And I love how you could easily adapt it to other holidays — what a great project. And I’m like you — I like stuff I can do in one hour or less — well done 🙂

  7. Michaela says:

    SO SO SO cute! What a great reminder of what the season is all about (:

    Stopping by from Lucky Star Lane link up
    ~Michaela (:

  8. claire says:

    What a beautiful lesson for your kids-so well done and they will have wonderful memories of this as they grow. I’m now a follower-come visit me!

  9. This is so cute! I love it!

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  11. Jaime says:

    I LOVE it! I am definetely going to make one for our home!

  12. Kristen says:

    I definitely want to do this! What an excellent idea! I wanted to let you know about a linky party/tutorial post I have started. It is called Handmade Tuesdays and I feature a tutorial from a crafter and then I have a linky where people can link up their projects. Please come link up every Tuesday! 🙂

  13. Victoria S. says:

    I love this idea. From seeing all the linky parties I need to make a Halloween advent calendar and now a Thanksgiving one. I really like your idea to write what you are thankful for and add to it each year. Thanks for sharing. saw your post on Skip to my Lou. http://www.obSEUSSed.com

  14. Stephanie says:

    Wow what an amazing idea..and so creative. We too need a little more ‘Thankfulness’ in our house. I love this idea.

  15. Crystal says:

    I love this idea! I’ll be featuring it on Sunday.

  16. Joy says:

    What a fun idea! I think its nice to be reminded of all we have to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing. I am new follower and would love to have you visit me and link up on Friday!

  17. Mandy says:

    I don’t know how to include a link but this is also a $3.99 download at jessicasprague.com for those that like the convenience of just downloading and gluing together. Your version is really cute! I am going to do this too as soon as I can get to the craft store to get some autumn scrapbook paper!

  18. What a wonderful idea, Karly. Your gratitude board is fantastic! If there is anything each of us could show more of, it is a demonstration of gratitude and thanksgiving.

    When my children were younger, we would make turkeys using pinecones and construction paper for feathers. Each child would write things they were thankful for on the paper feathers. The little turkeys would then be used as placecards on the Thanksgiving table. On that special day, with the whole family gathered, we would read aloud those words of thanks and gratitude.

    Thanks for linking to my party. I look forward to having you join me each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  19. Deanne says:

    What a fabulous idea, I love all the pretty coloured paper you used.

  20. What a great idea. We all need to take time to be grateful. Thank you so much for sharing your idea.

  21. This is a beautiful idea. What a fun way to help teach your kids to remember thankful moments! This would make a great gift.

  22. saw your project at organize and decorate everything and I think it is really cute. I would love to try something like this with my kids. How do you plan to store it so it stays nice? Drop by and say hi sometime. Mycraftymoments.blogspot.com

  23. Leanne says:

    What a great idea and a perfect way for our kids and us to remember to be grateful. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday. I’ll be featuring this tomorrow.

  24. Jenni says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for inspiring me to see how we can up our gratitude in this season. I especially love how yours will be a tradition and keepsake of sorts for years!

  25. So cute! What a great idea for Thanksgiving!!!

  26. kathy T says:

    Priceless -I just love this project -Maybe I can get it done by Novemebr 1st 2010 🙂

  27. I really like this! It’s beautiful!

  28. Stacey says:

    I hear you on the craft ADD thing. I have about 10 projects going at any one time.
    This is a wonderful way to get the kids excited about being thankful. In fact I like it even better than the traditional Christmas countdown calendars.


  29. Lynda says:

    What a wonderful project! Beautiful and meaningful too!

  30. Rachelle says:

    I love this project and plan to do it! We have done a thankful tree before and also a thankful scavenger hunt during November, but this year, we’ll be doing this. Thanks for a beautiful and meaningful project.

  31. Mary says:

    This is amazing! I just love the whole idea of writing down something each day that we’re thankful for. What a great lesson for our kids. I’m definitely making one!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. This is a really cute project. I like all of the details–the different papers, the ribbons… Very nice.

  33. I love this and can’t wait to try this.

  34. Amy says:

    This is a fabulous idea. One I’m sure going to try to duplicate for my own family! Thanks for sharing.

  35. Kristen says:

    That is SUCH a great idea! I love it! I know you are already linking to a lot but I’d love if you come link up sometime to Handmade Tuesdays! It is a new linky I started with a tutorial 🙂 http://www.ladybug-blessings.com

  36. what an awesome idea! This would be perfect for our family..it should have the kids thinking about all the things they’re blessed to have. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed weekend…

  37. I totally love this idea!!! You can use it for so many things but I love the thankful idea. We could definitely use more gratefulness in my house! I have not crafted in awhile but I think I want to make this my next project. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Just Something I Whipped Up. 🙂

  38. Marnie says:

    What a sweet idea! I especially love the idea of a continuing record of what your family is thankful for over the years. Now I’m just trying to decide if I’m ambitious enough to make one for each of our married kids…

  39. Hannah says:

    This is such a great idea and it turned out beautifully!

    I would love for you to link up to Scraptastic Saturday!

    Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/2010/10/scraptastic-saturday_15.html

  40. Jenny says:

    I love. love, LOVE this!!! I AM making this. When I do, I’ll be sure to link back to you! Thanks for the inspiration!
    (visiting from HOH)

  41. Krista says:

    Sorry the linky wasn’t working for you! Not sure what the deal was, but I’ve had similar issues trying to link up to some other parties. Thanks for leaving the link. I put it up. Hope that’s ok. Thanks for visiting While He Was Napping. I hope you’ll come link again next week. Hopefully, it’ll work better for you next time. =]


  42. mccall says:

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know I featured your blog in my latest post. I’ve created a featured button if you’d like to grab it. 🙂

  43. Mandee says:

    I love this! I think I’ll try it in my classroom too 🙂

  44. Gabby says:

    I absolutely love this ideas – I am excited to make my own. What a great way to remind us of what we have to be thankful for every day. I also read your about page – I hope your daughter is healing well. How scary! I also wanted to say that I agree, blogging is so therapeutic so you go girl!! 🙂

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  46. Cristina says:

    Okay! So, I found you on Just A Girl and I fell in love with the photo of this project and now I am most definitely head over heels! What a wonderful idea! I totally agree with projects needing to be easy and short. LOL Its hard to find the time when you’re a mama with small ones. Mine are all boys that I love dearly. Our youngest who’s now 15 has now taking quite the liking to CLIMBING! HAHAHAHA anyway, I have to be able to walk away from whatever I’m doing to calmly retrieve the baby from whatever new thing he’s so proudly perched himself upon! 😉 Thanks for sharing. We have a lot to be thankful for too. I can’t wait to make this and see what the boys write down. You’re awesome!

  47. mandy says:

    what a great idea!!!!! Thanks:)

  48. Kelli says:

    I have to do this! I love it. OK, I’ll be at the scrapbook store this weekend. Thank you.

  49. Daisy says:

    What a fabulous activity for the family!!! I love how it is based on gratitude and not treats. Thank you so much! I am so excited to make one of these. I think I might collect the cards and put them in a little book at the end of each year. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea.

  50. Cristie says:

    What a great idea! We forget sometimes how much there is to be thankful for. Thank you

  51. Michelle says:

    Thats so cute! It will be so fun to see each year what you wrote the previous year!! Sooo fun!

    – Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  52. Summer says:

    I love this! What a great idea. I’ll be featuring it on my blog on Saturday.


    Thanks for linking up!

    Sumo 🙂

  53. Stopping by to let you know I featured this over at Crafts & Sutch. Please stop by and take a peek when you get a chance and grab a featured button too! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful week!
    Erin 🙂

  54. Kaitlyn says:

    Thank you for this great idea!! It looks so nice! I just became a follower…check out my blog at: http://nestdecorator.blogspot.com

  55. Marilyn Holeman says:

    I’m visiting from Cottage Instincts. Fabulous idea! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Oh my gosh what a meaningful tradition you have started for your family! I am going to have to try my hand at this sometime. Thank you for sharing!

  57. Jana Kitts says:

    This is too cute! I wish I had time to make it for this year, but I think I will have to wait until next year…

  58. Tauni says:

    Love this idea!

    I blogged about my Halloween advent earlier this month and hadn’t decided what to do for Thanksgiving…thanks for the tutorial. Cute and easy!

  59. Amie says:

    What a great idea! Since I don’t have a fancy cutting machine, I was at a loss on how to do the letters and numbers. Last night I was at Michaels buying supplies for the cute candy corn wreath and what did I find? Scrapbooking stickers! Since I scrapbook online, I am out of the loop when it comes to scrapbook supplies. I need to go back and see the sizes to compare to your sample.

  60. Tiffany says:

    I love this, I’m definitely going to make something similar. Thank you for the inspiration! Question for you – where did you find coin envelopes?

  61. Jerri says:

    I love this! Really cute project!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites last week!

  62. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    This post was selected one of my great posts of the week: http://www.jdaniel4smom.com/2010/10/great-posts-of-week-october-23.html .

  63. They Looks so pretty…Thanks 🙂

  64. Kristin M says:

    I am working on mine right now! Thanks for the detailed instructions and sharing this wonderful idea!

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  66. LOVE this idea! Takes the idea of a gratitude journal one step farther and gets the whole family involved, plus I love that you can go back & read what people were grateful for in previous years. Well done!

  67. This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much! I will be sure to give you credit when I blog about it…thanks again!

  68. Ahhhh! I love this! I have a 5 year old little guy who we have been trying to teach the value of being grateful…this is perfect! I just wish I stumbled upon it sooner. Oh well, maybe we’ll do 2 a day to catch up 🙂

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  70. CraftyStaci says:

    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. I’ll be including it in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!

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  72. tami says:

    Thanks for the wonderful idea! My friends and I decided to take your idea to the next level by doing a “Remember Christ” board on the back of our “Give Thanks” board. We painted the opposite side red and used Christmas scrapbook paper. Each day our families wrote down a gift (act of service) they were going to give the baby Jesus. It helped us remember the true meaning of Christmas.

  73. Doreen G. says:

    This is one fantastic project! I love the idea of involving your children in expressing their thanks and gratitude. 🙂 This has definitely inspired me! Thank you!

  74. Kristine says:

    Wow! I am using this as a VBS craft this year! Wonderful!!!

  75. lzbthnn says:

    would be very cool for Christmas as an Advent countdown, and use verses that lead up to the birth of Christ.

  76. jennifermcwilliams says:

    what a precious family time activity! i just made my michael’s list 🙂 what font did you use for your “give thanks”? thanks!

    • karly says:

      I am so sorry! I honestly can’t remember the font, but it was something from silhouette. I suggest typing out the words and scroll through your fonts to see what YOU like best. Good luck!

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  79. Elizabeth says:

    I love this! I just found this on pinterest and this board design would go so well with a calendar for other months of the year, too! (Like a February board for things we love about family members, etc.) This is so much better than the “thankful trees” that are still cute, since this is reusable and so easily stored!

  80. Jennifer says:

    Adult ADD……oh yea, I have it. But I could make this board. Love the idea.

    Jennifer Ann

  81. Alison says:

    Wow–this is darling!! I’m featuring this tomorrow on my Wowzers!! 🙂

  82. I love this idea! That’s fabulous! Come and check out my blog if you get a chance!!! I’m trying to incorporate ways to remember blessings too!!!


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  84. Kelly says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks for the great idea – I think I may have just found a new tradition for our family!!

  85. Kathy says:

    Your family should be thankful that you are so creative. What a wonderful idea and such a beautiful way to present it. They should love filling their envelopes.

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  87. Karen Weight says:

    I featured this today on my blog! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas:) Feel free to stop by an grab a featured button:)

  88. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the great idea – I ran right out and bought the supplies to make my own! I posted it today on my blog and linked back to your post.

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  91. Roz Galvez says:

    Thank you do much for the inspiration for this project. I finished mine several days ago and have encouraged some other friends to start theirs. The whole family loves our Give Thanks board. My girls look forward to every night when we pull out our card and wright down what we are most thankful for that day. My board was a bit larger than yours, so I wrote out, “Give Thanks to the LORD for HE is good.”

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  98. Alice says:

    I love this and was needing something different to do at my Gatherings, and this is a great idea! Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you! 🙂

  99. Super cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

  100. felicia mejia says:

    I love this idea! would even be cute to make a “blessings” one and in each card put a different way to bless someone.. and do it each day for that month! imexcited to try to make t his for thanksgiving!

  101. Leeann says:

    This is absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to make mine! Thanks for the step by step on how to make it. Quick, (probably dumb) question, where do I get the little envelopes?

  102. Absolutely love this! We’re using it as our October Girl’s Night craft!

  103. Tricia b says:

    Can you tell me the dimensions of the design papers? And the size of the numbers?

  104. Tricia b says:

    What size do u cut the card stock into to fit all 30 pieces on the board?

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  107. Erin Neville says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! Just finished mine today! Looks like the start of a new family tradition.

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  111. Laynie says:

    I LOVE this and I think I could do a Christmas countdown/Advent Calendar on the back. 🙂

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  116. Julie says:

    I think this is a beautiful project, but that it steals the punch a bit from advent calendars (one of my favorite holiday traditions). I realize the differences, but still… One idea to avoid this would be to simply create a special envelope out of paper, fabric, felt, etc…and us this idea on Thanksgiving day. Write down what everyone is thankful for and add to it every year. I love that part the most–to be able to look back and see how your children’s perceptions of what’s important grow and change! Lovely!

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  118. This is certainly the 3rd article, of your site I personally went through.
    However I personally love this 1, “Tuesday Tutorial: Give
    Thanks Gratitude Board | Jellybean Junkyard” the very
    best. Regards ,Catherine

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  122. op says:

    I love this idea! Thank you for sharing! We do need to count our blessings!

  123. rachellebarrett@gmail.com says:

    Love it. I’m not so crafty though….do you sell other gratitude boards online? thanks.

  124. beginninginthemiddleblog says:

    This is such a great idea! Definitely going to put this on the to do list for this year. Thanks for sharing!

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  130. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the
    pictures on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on
    my end or if it’s the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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