Felt Flowers Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make some of the cute felt flowers I’ve been seeing and I made these:

I found the best tutorial here, so go check it out if you would like to make some for yourself!


I made one to match my daughter’s dress (above)….I swear it is an eggplant colored shirt under the green dress!

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4 Responses to Felt Flowers Tutorial

  1. Darling! I’ve so wanted to learn how to make these! Thanks for the tutorial



  2. Robin Taney says:


    I love these! I wish I had a little girl. I don’t think my 4 year old boy would wear them. :-) I’ve been trying to find a template to make paper flowers that I could use old magazines for. Have you seen anything like that?

    Also, I sang your praises in my new blog, http://www.personalityandpurpose.blogspot.com/ :-)

    Love the information you provide!


  3. Hi! I gave your blog the Stylish Blogger Award. Don’t feel forced to participate, but if you want to, you can find it on my blogs at http://bit.ly/eho0Xq and http://bit.ly/eo8jT7 . Have a fantastic evening! :-)

    ~ Tina

  4. Tracy says:

    missing you & your blog!!!


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