I’m Back!

Yes, I took off for Thanksgiving for a little bit, but I’m back!

Family comes first….I know, crazy, right?

We were busy, busy, busy.

We traveled up to Mammoth for a little bit and did this:

 (child labor)

“Why won’t this car work?”

We ended up leaving a little early to avoid being caught in another snow storm!

But, before we left, this happened:

Let me give you a closer look at the ladder positioning:

There were two ladders jammed up against the railing, leaning on the opposite walls. These pictures don’t give it justice. Crazy Pops and Uncle thought this was a great idea to get a picture hung up. 

I had phone in hand ready to dial 911.

Reminding them of the snow storm and how it would take longer to get to the hospital, calling them “dumb” and “dumber”…..you get the idea.

It’s a miracle that they got it up without hurting themselves:

That picture was taken by Pops himself….you can see more of his work HERE.

We then had Thanksgiving dinner back down in Orange County:

And the next day we started decorating for Christmas!

Since my husband and I met, we’ve never had a real tree.

This year, I REALLY wanted one….the smell, the childhood memories associated with the smell…

Yes, a child is missing from this picture…she was at a sleepover.


I told you I was busy!

But, I’ve also been crafting.

Stay tuned for those!


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1 Response to I’m Back!

  1. Brett says:

    Last year we got a real tree for the first time in our 10 years together also. It was so awesome to smell the tree every time we walked in the door or by it. The one thing I will do different this year is not buy too early and have the base trimmed. Lessons learned last year, we had a lovely shade of brownish green for Christmas. Ha Ha.

    This year we might venture to Utah and cut our own. Although the local Las Vegas Lowe’s sells a great tree too. And it won’t cost an extra $80 for a tank of fuel.

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