Curious Questions

This is the conversation my son and hubby had a few days ago:

Son: Where is God?

Dad: He’s everywhere, all around us.

Son: Is Jesus a boy?

Dad: Jesus was a boy when he was on Earth.

Son: Then what was he on Mars?

And scene.

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4 Responses to Curious Questions

  1. Alan says:

    Consult the clergy on Mars. And maybe Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc., while you are at it. Don’t you just love those questions!?

  2. Dana says:

    adorable! I remember Sara asking me why he was wearing his bathing suit on the cross. gotta love em!

  3. Thats too funny. Last night Joshua and I were working in his study bible. One of the things was to write down a time that you want to study the Bible each day.

    He wrote down “when I grow up”.

    Trying to convince a 2nd grader that Bible study is as much fun as a DS is slightly challenging. Oh where is a Bible Man DS game?

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