Out with the old.

Yes, I’m referring to myself in this blog title.

But, I love moments when history repeats itself.

Making traditions with my family just like the traditions I grew up with.

Here I am at Lake George in Mammoth when I was little:

I love my rockin’ haircut and my water pouch sitting on the rock, don’t you?

We went fishing here everytime….it was our lucky spot.

Hasn’t been so lucky for my little ones though.

The same rocks I fished on for years and years, my kids are now fishing on.

Love it.

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7 Responses to Out with the old.

  1. Dana says:

    That is very special! I also wanted to tell you that I made your Give Thanks Gratitude Board. Things have been looney here and I felt like I needed an escape. Jim and I made it together. It turned out very nice even though I am a little rusty in the crafting department. It took us a bit longer then 2.5 hours- again maybe because I have been “out” of crafting for awhile. Thanks for the wonderful idea and the time you spend sharing!

  2. DEBBIE says:

    Great memories.

  3. Joni says:

    Precious photos Karly!

  4. Janice Sorensen says:

    We stayed there last summer at the campsite…

  5. Jessica O'Connell says:

    You know I LOVE this one…and us at Lake Mary 🙂

  6. Jen says:

    So cool!!!
    Jen at The Gifted Giver

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