Mouse Adventure: Trick or Treat

This is what I did this weekend:

Mouse Adventure….

My favorite time of year.

Might be better than Christmas for me.

Think “Amazing Race” inside Disneyland, but without the running.

A fast walk? Yes.

Running? Breaking the rules.

Not sure of the exact amount of people who play…my guess would be around 500-600 people play in teams of 2-4.

This time around, we changed our team name. We were slipping in the rankings, and it MUST have been because of our team name.

I mean, it couldn’t possibly be because we were just not that smart, right?

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.

Yup, we are “Phineas and Ferb” fans around here.

We even had Perry tied up to our backpacks as our team mascot.

Why were we wearing backpacks?

Because you don’t have time to stop and eat, drink, or go on a ride for fun! So, we pack up our camelbacks with everything we need!  Also, you need to pack a clipboard (yes, clipboard is not a typo), paper, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.

Does it sound like Nerd Fest?


Let me attempt to explain ONE of the MANY “quests” we had to do yesterday.

( I can’t show you the paperwork…it would be a “no, no” according to the rules).

During Halloween, there are a bazillion pumpkins all over Main Street. Our quest was to answer certain questions. Example: What doesn’t the Busy Hands School teach? (to find the answer, you have to look at the Main Street windows to find the school and figure it out…next time you’re at Disneyland, check it out and you’ll notice there are also a bazillion windows with writing on them). You find ALL the answers to the various questions. Then, your answer will coordinate with a small picture that you then have to sketch into a grid. Your sketch will end up looking like a pumpkin. Then, you have to search through all the pumpkins on Main Street and find the EXACT pumpkin you just sketched out. Found it? Yes, but then you have to tell which building it’s on!

Sound confusing?

It is.

But oh so much fun when you realize you actually completed the quest and got it right!

There are maybe 10 or so quests like that, and you have a time limit.

What do you win?

Nothing big….

Bragging rights is what it’s all about.

Rankings come out in about a week. We always think we did really well, only to find out we missed something important! I know you are all dying to find out how my team did, so I’ll let you know when I find out.

Click here to read how you can sign up for the Spring event!

On a serious note…my sister/teammate is sitting right next to me and just kicked my booty for sharing the link with you all!  Signing up is serious business since it can be difficult to get a spot to play!

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14 Responses to Mouse Adventure: Trick or Treat

  1. Kim FB says:

    Nerd alert (tee hee).

  2. Dad says:

    The number one rule of Mouseadventure is that you never talk about Mouseadventure. The number two rule of Mouseadventure is THAT YOU NEVER TALK ABOUT MOUSEADVENTURE!!!

  3. Brandi says:

    No mention of the phantom 4th member…I wasn’t even there in spirit?
    You see…you see what I did there? Good huh? (In Dr. Doofenshmirtz accent)

  4. Angela says:

    Toooooo LATE!

  5. Adrienne K says:

    1. About 700 players this time. I think it was 193 teams.

    2. “China Closet”

    3. We ❤ Phineas & Ferb. Why, yes, yes we do.

    • karly says:

      OMG! “The” Adrienne K. Is visiting the junkyard! Welcome! Is this because of the eye spy answer we wrote down?
      Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

      • Kelly says:

        Welcome Adrienne! AuntKiki here (aka team Doofenschmirtz!). That comment on the eye spy was written at 5:30pm after being very delirious, tired and hungry. We thought it was hilarious at the time! We even said we need to hurry home and make a craft resembling the owl so we could possibly get points for identifying its correct location. ha ha!

  6. Adrienne K says:

    LOL! I didn’t see the comment but AVP posted it on the Pad. So. Where’s the Owl craft?? I do love the blog. I love crafty & sewing & cooking things. I need to get to Joann’s soon to get my Christmas flannel. I don’t get to make cute little girl dresses and Minnie Mouse pants, but my guys swear that my flannel boxer shorts are the very very best pajamas EVER.

    • karly says:

      I was going to try to make it asap and hope that you guys would come to the blog and find it and we would get credit 🙂 it didn’t happen though…sadly. We were so excited to finish all the quests! But, alas, we forgot about the EASIEST hidden quest ever. Shame on us…..shame, shame, shame.
      Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

  7. Becky says:

    I shared your great thankful board this week! Thanks for linking up.

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