Scavenger Hunt Printables

Anyone planning on taking a long trip somewhere?

A short trip?

These would work great for any trip when you don’t want to hear, “Are we there yet?”

Or, in my car it sounds like this, “This is taking FOREVER!”

Mom’s Mini Van has a few to help us out!

At Fowl Single File there is a free printable for a neighborhood stroll:

AND, for those adults out there that like scavenger hunts, go check out this site that has a tutorial on how to create one traveling around your city! I want to create one of these for my friends to do!!

Hope it helps with the “I’m bored” times for you!

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1 Response to Scavenger Hunt Printables

  1. Jaime says:

    omg!!! i LOVE this karly! i am going to make one for our beach camping trip next month. we are going to st. louis in november so i could also do one for the airplane! thx for this great idea!

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