Ironing Board Redo

First, if you haven’t realized it already, I am addicted to coffee.

The smell, the taste, the warmth……..

Why, hello there love.

It’s back.

Pumpkin Spice.

Liquid goodness.

Now, onto the ironing board redo.

I had this lovely fabric I couldn’t figure out what to do with.

(Splashy Rose Garden ~ Meadowsweet 2)

You know the one.

The fabric that you don’t want to use because you love it so much.

A dress for my little one?


When she outgrew it I would be sad to see the fabric go away.

Then I saw my ugly ironing board cover.

I thought it would be the perfect place to use my fabric because I would then be able to see it everyday!

I wish I had taken some pictures of the process….arrrgggg!

But, all I did was take off the old cover and I laid it on the ground (the actual ironing side facing the ground).

I took my fabric and laid it underneath.

I then traced around the cover and added about 1 inch all around as I was tracing.

I cut out the fabric, pinned it to the old cover with some not so fancy tucking techniques at the round parts, and sewed it on!

SOOOO easy!

Here it is (remember, I sew in my garage , aka kids playroom…with ugly lighting….shoved into a corner….)


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6 Responses to Ironing Board Redo

  1. Debbie Barlow says:

    I love it! Makes me want to redo mine! Inspirational!

  2. Erin says:

    You HAVE to try a Chai Tea with Pumpkin Spice added. Tastes like liquid pumpkin pie!

  3. Jessica O'Connell says:

    SO cute! And pumpkin spice latte…LOVE!!

  4. I literally jumped up a little bit when I saw the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” sign at Starbucks. Love.

  5. Great fabric! Now, does it make you smile when you iron? If so, I need to change mine ironing board fabric! LOL

    Thanks for linking to my party. I would love to have you join me for one, or all three, of my parties each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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