You can help me help them!

I brought my youngest into the Grossman Burn Center last week for her progress check.

A place she knows so well that she just knows where to go now!

I had high hopes that the doctor would say she didn’t have to wear her pressure garment….which we call her princess glove….any longer.

But, 6 more months it is…..two new gloves to order.

Oh well.

But, how can you help???

When I was there, my little one was coloring the paper on the exam table when Ellie’s friend walked in (her friend being the VERY nice lady that plays with her to make her feel more comfortable…the same one who would watch her when she was in the hospital so mommy could go grab a quick coffee).

She fell in love with the crayon roll! She said how perfect the crayon roll would be to give out to the children who have to be admitted to the hospital like my little one. They could give them their very own crayon roll!

Trust me…it’s the little things like this that make a HUGE difference when your child is admitted to the hospital. The little acts of generosity that mean soooo much.

That being said, I have an EASY tutorial on how to make a crayon roll HERE!!!  Please consider donating one (or more!) and I will bring them to the Burn Center. Contact me: and we’ll figure out a way to get them to my house!


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4 Responses to You can help me help them!

  1. Misti says:

    could we send you money to make them & donate to the hospital…for those of us who are domestically challanged?

  2. karly says:

    That is amazing of you! I am making plenty out of scraps 🙂
    I will take any donations though and turn it over to that wonderful lady mentioned above. She uses it to buy items for the kids play room at the burn center, dvds for them, etc. You know how to get it to me if you’re still interested! THANK YOU!

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ll definitely be making some. What a wonderful way to help give families/kids a little extra boost while going through a difficult time.

  4. I’ll make at least one… but I won’t have time for a couple of weeks!

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