Rain, Rain….

If you live in Southern California like I do, you know that it NEVER rains during the summer.


A few weeks ago, it happened.

It was one of those, “What the…???” moments.

My childhood happiness took over and I grabbed the kids, the neighbor kids, whoever I could find to run outside in the rain.


Yes, kids, run in the gutters!

And, what does the “smart mom” in me say when it is lightning and thundering out?

“Hey kids! Go sit under the tree so I can take a picture!”

For reals.

I told you, I was acting (and apparently thinking) like a kid.

I apologize for putting the neighborhood children and my children in danger.

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2 Responses to Rain, Rain….

  1. Debbie Barlow says:

    Wonderful memories of running in the rain…

  2. stephanie says:

    We get plenty of Summer rain here, but if I were you I would have done the same thing. Lightning, shmightling.


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