Bored yet?

In the endless search to entertain my kids with what we already have around the house, this is what happened the other day:

My neighbor came out with her watercolor paints.

The kids painted and painted and painted their bodies.

For about an hour.


They were entertained for a whole hour just painting their bodies and painting their friends bodies.

And then into the blow up pool they went.

The watercolors didn’t come off with just water and an old washcloth… I suppose they weren’t intended for use on bodies.

What to do?

Baby soap into the pool for a bubble pool experience!

Hear the squeals of excitement?

There were a few places that it took another bath for the spots to completely go away, but we had fun.

Summer memories…..worth it.

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3 Responses to Bored yet?

  1. Patty Farris says:

    You are so creative….and a very nice mom:)

  2. That is a fun idea… I’ll remember that next time we are bored. I love your blog Karly!

  3. Debbie Barlow says:

    Fun fun fun.

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