Tutorial Tuesday: Magnets!

A few different ideas to create with magnets today!

This is a fun craft to do with the kids too!

I bought some magnets from Target, and printed out some photos of the family!

I copied and pasted the photos into a word document so I could make them into the size I wanted for the magnets.

When you print out your photos, make sure to print them using HIGH quality and use REGULAR printer paper. (The photo paper is too thick and Mod Podge won’t work as well on it!)

I then cut out the pics, and used a little bit of glue stick to help them stick to the magnet.  Then, I trimmed around the edge of the magnet so my photo matched the magnet shape! In my case, they were just circles.

I then took my Mod Podge and put a thin layer over the photo. When that dried, I did a second layer.

Wait for it to dry completely and you have fun magnets for your fridge!  I like to display my kids artwork using their photo magnet. For my hubby, I can stick up a note for him on the fridge and use his magnet so he knows the note is for him! (Caution: hubbies don’t always see that note! Or, at least they claim not to see them…..we know better though, right?)

Why has Phineas joined our family?

Well, Phineas and Ferb is a favorite around our house. 

My youngest was at the doctor yesterday and chose that sticker on our way out. I was trying to come up with a different way to actually use the sticker!

You know the magnets that are used for advertising? The ones places give out for free? I took one of those and let her place her sticker on it. I trimmed around the edge and now we have a Phineas magnet!

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2 Responses to Tutorial Tuesday: Magnets!

  1. Patty Farris says:

    Karly, you are so creative!

  2. Amy says:

    Super cute idea… have to remember to pick up magnets next time I’m at Target.

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