Tutorial Tuesday: Growth Chart

I used to mark the kids growth on the wall in our house. 

Then it came time to paint and almost had a heart attack at the thought of painting over the chart!

I came up with a new growth chart that I could move around if needed.

WARNING! I made this growth chart in January of 2007. Needless to say, it has received some abuse over the years. I think the abuse adds to the character of the chart. You might think it makes it ugly, but that’s okay with me!

If you want to keep it pristine, well, good luck!

Here’s what you need:

  • A mirror (dorm room style! Target has them on sale this week for $5!!)
  • 3 different color paint markers
  • colored sticker dots (I use 3 different colors. One color for each child).
  • Stickers to mark the foot heights (I got mine at a scrapbooking store. I only went up to number 5)

 *These are the paint pens I used.

This is what you’re making. I know the picture is not the best…sorry!

Step 1: Take a measuring tape and lay it on top of your mirror. Mark off the feet starting at the 1 foot mark at the bottom of the mirror with a 2-inch horizontal line.

Step 2: Using a different color paint marker, mark of the inches with a 1-inch horizontal line.

Step 3: After the paint marker has dried (only takes a few minutes) place your number stickers at the ends of your foot marking lines.


* I warned you it has been used and abused, but I can still mark their growth and it’s held up!

Step 4: Hang it up! Note: When you hang up your mirror, you will need to hang it one foot off the ground. Remember, your chart starts at the 1 foot mark! I hung ours up next to our dress-up bin so they can also check themselves out in the mirror.

Step 5: Measure your child(ren)! Use the third color paint pen and mark of their heights! Then, put a colored dot sticker at the end of the line and put the date on the sticker.  See above picture! I have three kids, so I use 3 different colored dot stickers.

Have fun creating!

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2 Responses to Tutorial Tuesday: Growth Chart

  1. misti says:

    I may have to try this. When we moved I had to use duct tape & copy all our marks & move them with us….would have been a lot easier to move a mirror!

  2. We started a 4th of July block party 9 years ago, and even though some neighbors have moved on and new ones have joined us the tradition continues.

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