“With liberty and justice for all”

The 4th of July just might be my favorite holiday.

There are no costumes to figure out for your kids (and yourself if you’re like me), no turkey to make, no presents to worry about.

You can go to a party where there is a grand finale of fireworks that YOU did not have to plan.

Plus, there is just something about the red, white and blue that I have a big fluffy heart for.

This is what my oldest will be wearing today:


She was thrilled with this photo shoot.

And by “thrilled” I mean bored.

I promise to post a tutorial for how to make a dress like this soon!

In the meantime, let freedom ring!

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One Response to “With liberty and justice for all”

  1. Jaime says:

    the bored pics are so awesome though. look how beautiful she is. great shots. sammi LOVES her dress too. i am sure you have noticed that she wears it just about every day. of course she wore it yesterday too. thank you!

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