Mirror Makeover

When I moved into my house, the old owners left behind a mirror over the fireplace mantel. 

I know. Original, right?

It has stayed up for six years because I can’t figure out what I want to put up there to replace it. It’s also looked like this for six years:

Like the kid’s shopping cart in the reflection?

I know you’re diggin’ the gold/silver/black thing going on….so here’s an upclose look:

I finally had enough of that awful mirror and went to work covering the edges of the mirror with painter’s tape and then adding newspaper to the surface of the mirror.

Oh, I also grabbed a cute assistant to help me.

Then it was time to break out my favorite Rust-Oleum spray paint!  This time in glossy black. You can find this at almost any home-improvement store. Mine was from Lowes.

Final result:

I realize the mirror looks like handprint central in the above pic, but it was clean when I took this picture. How do the kids do that??? Amazing.

The overall result was a drastic improvement.

I’m still looking for something other than a mirror that will really “wow” me, but until then, this looks GREAT now!

This is an easy thing to do yourself in a few hours (including drying time) so look around your house….anything need updating?

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One Response to Mirror Makeover

  1. Jaime says:

    LOVE it Karly!

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