Up, Up, and Away!

Not too long ago, I took myself way too seriously.


When I got married, I should have had more fun on my wedding day. Not that getting married isn’t a serious thing, it’s just that I knew I wanted to marry my hubby and didn’t need to worry about the day so much. Why was I so concerned that everything went off flawless?

Who cares?

Yes, the band played the “Chicken Dance”, even when I asked them not to.

Wait, I might still kind of be upset at that one. I’m not a fan.

But, the other little things about the day that didn’t turn out perfectly I can’t even remember now.

I bet this couple will have fun.

I want to be invited to their wedding.

Someday I will get married to my husband all over again. Until then, I’ll be inspired by them. You will be too.

Note: I saw this link first on Joy’s Hope, so I want to give her credit for stumbling upon it.

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