Tutorial Tuesday…Pants that fit!

Yeah, that’s right, YOU can make them fit to YOUR waist.

A few years ago, many children’s clothing designers converted to adjustable waistbands. Why have they not come up with this for women’s pants?

They do have some drawstring pants out there, but when it comes to jeans, there is nothing.  NOTHING to help with those of use who are not 12 years old. By that I mean that we have hips, a round tush, and some other issues going on.

If you’re like me, you try on a pair only to see a huge gap between your lower back and the top of the pants. I refuse to wear “mom jeans” and belts are too bulky.

ARE YOU WITH ME?  Here is the solution in a few EASY steps:

1) Get your favorite jeans that are all gappy in the back but fit perfectly everywhere else.

2) Go to Target and buy a pair of shoelaces (or buy many because once you do this to one pair, you’ll do it to ALL of your pants….trust me on this one). Make sure to buy the extra long shoelaces (your choice for color). You can always shorten them later.

3) For this next step, I use a seam ripper.  Haven’t got one? Use a pair of scissors or whatever you have that will cut through the FIRST layer of the fabric only (see pic and continued directions below)

Don’t cut all the way through your pants! On the inside of your jeans, cut a small hole that is just big enough for your shoelace to fit through. I always do this on the left side of the button hole for the best fit. Do the same thing to the other side.  For this side, I always do it to the left of the button.  Again, a better fit.

4) Get your shoelace and stick a safety pin through one end. They also sell tools that are designed for strings to be pulled through quickly. Assuming you don’t have that tool, use a safety pin and insert it into one of the holes.     


5) Scrunch and pull until you can pull it out of the other hole.  Note: Some pants have labels on the back of the pants. Sometimes you can wedge your safety pin around the label, other times, you might have to remove a few stitches or remove it all together. But, it’s worth it.

6) Slide on your new pants that actually fit now and adjust the shoelace to your liking.  I just tie mine like I’m tying my shoes and tuck it in!  Think the laces are too long?  Cut one of the ends to the length you want it. To seal the end, take a match or lighter and put the raw edge into the flame for a few seconds until it melts (don’t catch it on fire…not only would that be a bad thing, you’d also ruin your new pants!)  Yes, you can throw the pants in the wash and the string won’t come out. As long as you didn’t make a GIGANTIC hole.

7) Enjoy! Your pants have never looked better on you! Make sure to leave me a comment on your accomplishment.

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2 Responses to Tutorial Tuesday…Pants that fit!

  1. Kelly says:

    Best. Idea. EVER!

  2. Kim Banks says:

    You are a genius! I love you! You have made my life so much better! Fat bottom girl make the rockin’ world go round! 🙂

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